The ALTA 8 is the industry standard when it comes to heavylifter drones. Created by the incredible team at Freefly Systems this octocopter is capable of flying a MoVI Pro aerial gimbal and many of the top digital cinema or still cameras with lightweight lenses. Additional payloads such as 360 cameras or lights can be affixed to the gimbal or drone directly. The beauty of this system is in its portability. The ease of use and reliability is the absolute best. Wether you are on set or hiking into a jungle, this is the system you want to get the job done.


Frame Type: Octocopter

Max Flight Time: 10 – 12min

Max Payload: 20lbs

Crew Size: 2 – 3x

Setup Time: 20min

Battery: Tattu 6S (x2)

Max Forward Speed: 40mph

Max Ascent Speed: 25mph

Max Descent Speed: 20mph

Gimbal Options: MoVI Pro, 360 Extension Boom

Gimbal Control Interface: Controller w/ FRX Pro, Mimic

Camera Options: Digital Cinema, DSLR Photo, 360

Motor & ESC: Freefly F45

Propeller: 18” Folding Carbon Fiber

Flight Controller: Freefly Synapse

GPS: 3x

GPS Accuracy: + – 1.5m

FPV System: ReadyMade RC FPV

Intelligent Flight Modes: Autonomous Orbit Mode

Support Vehicle: F-250 4×4 & Trailer